Investment Management


We are fee-only fiduciaries, which means we are structured to put your interests first. We don’t work off commissions or sell any products, instead we offer the service of investment management for a stated fee.

Core Philosophies


We believe in broad diversification so that you are spreading the risk in your portfolio among all available asset classes and across hundreds or thousands of companies

Long-Term Focus

Market timing doesn’t work. We help you take the emotions out of investment decisions by developing a long-term strategy.


We don’t just set it and forget it. You can take advantage of the volatility in the market place by having an advisor that rebalances your portfolio as the markets move.

Biblically Responsible Investing

Do you know what you are supporting through your investment portfolio? We’ve found that many people don’t understand that the stocks and mutual funds they own might be working against everything they stand for. That’s why we have partnered with Inspire Advisors for their Biblically Responsible Investing approach.